We install a new aluminum back plate assembly with the LED components into your existing frame and lens. We install new switches and wires, clean and oil your frame plus clean your lens. 

This means you never have to change a bulb or ballast again. We do not use LED bulbs. We attach the LEDs right to the aluminum backplate assembly using it as the heat sink. We use high-powered LEDs running them at about half of their maximum rating. By driving them at much lower levels, they run cooler, are more energy efficient, and last much longer.

The LEDs have a very long life as the average life span of a white LED is 50,000 hours (25-30 years if used 5 hours a day every day. Even longer if low power is used regularly.). We use a warm-colored LED rated at 2700 Kelvin. The red LEDs have a life span of 100,000 hours.

As far as power consumption is concerned for the overheads, on high the white light will use .5 amp while the low use .25 amp. Not only do the LEDs save you about 25% on power usage they are also approximately 30% brighter than CFL lights. The reading lights use .33 amp. We do not use LED drivers, so you will not experience RFI (radio frequency interference). 12V standard or 24v (+$25)


LED Upgrade Kit