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Overhead Light Models

There are different models and sizes of Alpenglow Overhead Lights, but they are all based on one fixture style. It is a hand-crafted, hand-finished rugged frame of solid wood, and a curved, prismatic lens of impact-resistant, non-yellowing acrylic. The lights attach with two #8 bronze screws which pass through the whole frame resulting in a very solid mount. The light is operated with heavy-duty rocker switches. The finish is a rubbed effect varnish, which goes well with either oiled or varnished wood. It also provides a suitable base if you wish to overcoat it with gloss varnish. 


The curvature of our molded lenses, combined with the prismatic feature (which refracts light like a prism), provide for much better wide-angle area lighting and better illumination, with fewer shadows. It’s so much more beneficial than a flat lens.

We are also offering a frosted lens to help better soften the light of the LED's. The light output is slightly less but has a more pleasing soft glow.

We are now using LEDs in our Overhead Lights rather than the original compact fluorescent (CFL) version for which Alpenglow is so well known. They are the same 2700 Kelvin warm white color as before. A benefit of quality LEDs is that they can last a very long time, while the compact fluorescent bulbs required occasional replacement. The LED Overhead Light is not only the same color but is also brighter and uses less power than the CFL version.

LED Overhead Lights


After extensive testing, R&D, and prototyping, we have developed our new LED Overhead area light which meets our high-quality standards. It's much more than a typical, narrow-beamed LED "downlight" in performance! Our LEDs come from a reliable LED manufacturer that ensures the quality control of their supply of warm white LEDs. The Alpenglow LED Overhead Light is available in one size (the 9-watt size) in both 12-volt and 24-volt versions, with or without the Night Vision option.

Dimensions & Specifications




Current Consumption:

High Power

Low Power

Night Vision (High power)

Night Vision (Low power)

Nominal Light Output

High Power

Low Power


19" x 6" x 2  1/4"

10.5-15 V.D.C.


1 amp

.5 amp

.04 amp

.005 amp


1200 lumens

600 lumens


10" x 6" x 2"

10.5–15 V.D.C.


.5 amp

.25 amp

.04 amp

.005 amp


600 lumens

300 lumens


7" x 7" x 1  3/8"

10.5–15 V.D.C.


.4 amp

.2 amp

.04 amp

.005 amp


400 lumens

200 lumens

Average White LED Life:  50,000 hours (25 to 30 years if used 5 hours a day, every day. Even longer if low power is used regularly.)
Red LED Night Vision:  100,000 hours (LEDs guaranteed as long as you own the light.)
Color:  2700K (the same as a standard light bulb.)

Alpenglow Overhead Lights all provide Dual Power. That allows you to choose between bright light or a warm, gentle glow. Low power is usually sufficient for general lighting and is similar to many standard cabin lights. High is about twice as bright and is ideal for reading and tasks requiring maximum area light.

Either size can be ordered in a Night Vision model which, in addition to the white LED, it has very bright red LEDs selected by a second switch. This allows the off watch to have a light on without affecting the night vision of others. The Night Vision option also includes Dual Power. With this combination, you can select red or white, and you can choose high or low on each. In most instances, low power is best for night vision. The red and white are completely separate systems with no shared components.

The Night Vision option for our Overhead Lights uses state-of-the-art Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for the red light.  We use Superflux LEDs which are bright enough for reading. Power consumption is an incredibly low 1/25 amp (40 ma) on red.  It would take 10 amps to get the same red light from an incandescent bulb! The dual power feature also has a low-level red for minimum night vision impact.

This change from fluorescent red to LED red is a result of our commitment to using the best technology and materials to bring you the highest quality, most efficient, and most reliable cabin lights available.  The white light is provided by the same LED technology that has made Alpenglow the quality leader in marine lights.

Alpenglow overhead lights can also be ordered in a Splash Proof model. While this model is not intended for continuous exposure or submersion, it will withstand frequent dousing and is ideal for head compartments with handheld showers and engine room. Splash Proof lights are equipped with sealed toggle switches.

Spalsh proof.tiff


Splashproof options include

- Silicon rubber switch cover

- Sealed backplate

- Available in both Dual power and dual power with night vision

Please note: This is not a waterproof option but a splashproof option.

CFL Conversion to LED for Alpenglow Lights

Something for you to consider is that our ballast manufacturer discontinued making ballasts and we have been unable to find a suitable replacement. With the advancement of LED technology and limited ballast stock, we no longer make CFL lights. At some point, our Alpenglow customers with CFL lights will have to convert to LED.  

We will be happy to convert your Alpenglow CFL Overhead Light to LED for you! The conversion from CFL to LED takes entirely different components from one another, new switches, and the wiring configuration is distinctly different as well. What we do is install a whole new aluminum back plate assembly with the LED components built onto it into your existing frame and lens. We install new switches & wires, clean & oil your frame plus clean your lens. So you will be getting back a brand new light in your existing frame. This means you never have to change a bulb or ballast again. We do not use LED bulbs. Instead, we attach the LEDs right to the aluminum back plate using it as the heat sink. We use high-powered LEDs running them at about half of their maximum rating. By driving them at much lower levels, they run cooler, are more energy efficient, and last much longer.

The LEDs have a very long life as the average life span of a white LED is 50,000 hours (25-30 years if used 5 hours a day every day. Even longer if low power is used regularly.). We use warm-colored LEDs rated at 2700 Kelvin. The red LEDs have a life span of 100,000 hours.

As far as power consumption is concerned, on high the white light will use .5 amp while the low uses .25 amp. Not only do the LEDs save you about 25% on power usage they are also approximately 30% brighter than CFL bulbs.

We recommend that the customer send the light to us to do the conversion, but we have sent upgrade kits to the customer to install if the boat is out of the country or the customer is confident that they can do their own soldering. We are unable to send an upgrade kit out for conversion for a light that has an existing red LED Night Vision Strip.

Here are the costs to upgrade:

  • CFL Overhead Light with Dual Power upgrade to LED with Dual Power - $75 

  • CFL Overhead Light with Dual Power & CFL Dual Power Night Vision upgrade to all LED with Dual Power white and red Night Vision - $100

  • We prefer you send in your old CFL lights for us to upgrade.

All prices quoted are for 12-volt systems.  Please add $25 for 24-volt system.

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