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We take adventure as seriously as the craftsmanship of our marine and RV lights. We have been offering our lights to the marine community since 1988 and more recently have added the RV community to our list. We’re here for the long haul!

At Alpenglow, we stay at the forefront of new technology innovations to provide exceptional lighting. It’s not just the function of our lights, such as the impact-resistant non-yellowing acrylic curved prismatic lenses, or state-of-the-art warm white LED bulbs, it’s also the rugged beauty of our design. We hand-build our lights in Missoula, Montana. The wood for our range of overhead lights is carefully selected mahogany, teak, oak, cherry, maple, alder, dark walnut, hemlock or cypress.

Company History

The idea for Alpenglow Lights started many years ago with the founder of our company, Bob. Bob happily spent his life in an off-grid home so he was driven by his dedication to efficiency, durability, and quality to find a pleasant light similar to incandescent bulbs. He began building 12-volt lights for his alternative energy home because he couldn’t find a suitable product in the marketplace.

Bob had a sailboat that he took to the Washington coast. He loved to sail and eventually installed some of his handmade lights in his boat. 

Before long, fellow sailors were asking Bob where he got his lights and he would say “I built them”. After seeing how bright and efficient the lights were and how carefully the teak frames and lenses were crafted, they would exclaim “Can you build me some?” After many requests, Bob finally decided that he should start selling his lights and the rest is history.

In 1988 Alpenglow Marine Lights was born as a small mom & pop business producing lights literally out of the kitchen and various other rooms in the house. Bob’s wife Marie had to deal with no kitchen table for dinners and an oven that was being used to mold lenses instead of baking for many years! Bob and Marie ran Alpenglow Marine Lights from 1988 to 2008.

Another couple took over the business in 2008 and ran it until selling to Christine in 2013. As the third owner of the business, she was committed to continuing to provide the same legendary customer service Alpenglow customers have enjoyed since 1988. Christine and her husband Larry operated the business in Eureka with the help of their long-time workers, Lyle and Peggy. 

In 2021 Christine and Larry decided it was time to search for a new owner who would continue the traditions established by all the previous owners. 

In July 2022, Alpenglow Lights was purchased by Mark and Dave, who moved the headquarters to Missoula, Montana. They are dedicated to the tradition of hand-building the finest marine and RV lights available.

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