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Oct 03, 2023

I purchased 6 lights for my sailboat and they have been problem free for 20 years. I had to replace a couple of light bulbs during that time.

We cruised full time in the tropics and the wood is probably a little faded from the sun but they still look great.

Kudos for such a great product.

Rob & Linda Jones S/V Catnabout currently La Paz Mexico


I just noticed that Alpenglow is a sponsor of AAC and immediately thought of how perfect that was. A terrific product, well engineered and designed, attractive, parsimonious with amperage use and with the long haul in mind. We have used Alpenglow lights on two vessels over more than twenty years. They are what I call smart marine items as they provide all that is useful: pleasant colored low light and bright in white and red varieties with low amperage draw in a handsome package. On Alchemy we have seven of their lights. Being live-aboards we have encountered the problems that are generated by much use and some abuse and Alpenglow has been superb in their support. In this age of disposable everything, the few problems encountered were all repairable and the lights are all still going strong. Dick Stevenson After six years of rugged commercial use ranging from Tahitian tropical humidity to the extreme conditions of Cape Horn and Patagonia, I am convinced that there is no more reliable or better interior marine light system than Alpenglow. From tests aboard Mahina Tiare, I have found that Alpenglow Lights draw substantially less current while producing twice the light output of the standard equipment light fixtures found on most boats. After thousands of hours of operation in extreme conditions, I have had no ballast failures and few bulb replacements. The new lights are SUPER! John Neal, Owner/Captain, Sail-training vessel Mahina Tiare On Simple Gifts we installed Alpenglow fluorescent lights. They draw less than an amp on high… and have a pleasing ‘warm’ glow… Jay and Linda Knoll The light output is excellent, the current consumption is minimal, and the fixtures themselves are attractive and nicely made. I like the lights for both the color...and for the wide and even coverage in the cabin of my 35-foot sloop... Hal Roth Capt. Miles and I have been very pleased with your product since it has been installed aboard the Pride of Baltimore II. They remain bright and never fail to operate, despite the rough marine envirornment… the lights are a great improvement over our last product. We will continue to replace our older style products with the Alpenglow Lights. Pride II does a lot of night sailing. We have found the dual white/red lights a great asset. Robert C. Glover III, Master for Pride of Baltimore Inc. We have just about completed switching out all our interior lighting to Alpenglows. It’s great on a night passage to have the whole boat in a warm red glow from stern to stern while below decks. Great on night vision when going back outside too. And the two settings on the white side allow just the right amount of light for whatever the occasion. The nicest feature of course is their small draw from the power bank. I will definitely hand out your product information when we get back to Mexico. Great product from a dedicated outfit. Go well. Erik, Terry and The Mighty Quinn, S/V Mija Before spending the winter in Arctic Norway, knowing we would be spending a lot of time below on the boat during the winter darktime, we replaced our old dim, inefficient overhead lights with Alpenglow fluorescents. What a difference! They give off a warm natural light and are beautifully designed and built. Not cheap but worth it. John Harries & Phyllis Nickel, Morgan’s Cloud, Two new fixtures from a company called Alpenglow Marine Lights are very impressive in both their light output and their quality. The lights themselves are hand made, of good quality, framed in real wood… and attractive. …from simple observation it seems clear that the lights put out much more light than the usual 8-watt fixture, and the light is generally diffused in a broader pattern…you won’t feel that you have been ripped off by having a ‘marine’ label added. The pricey fluorescents from Alpenglow were superb — a true quality piece of marine gear. I appreciate being able to do business with your company. Great products, great service. All the absolute best ever. Who could ask for more? Jim I must tell you that these are really great lights and we plan to change over all lights on the boat to Alpenglow Lights. They are fabulous. It is wonderful to do business with people like you who still care about what they do. The quality of light from the new LED Reading Lamp is extraordinarily beautiful. I am so pleased. Thank you. I installed the overhead light I purchased over the weekend and my wife an I just love it. I am the commodore of Brockport Yacht Club and will be sure to let my fellow sailors at the club know about your great products and customer service. Thanks again. Jon F. I had a comment the other day from a fellow cruiser who admired my lighting, saying he didn't understand why so many are choosing down lights for their cabin when lights like mine give such an even spread of illumination. Upon opening the box, I was struck with the pure and simple beauty of your lights. They clearly evidence craftsmanship. Your brochure doesn’t do justice to the appearance of your lights. I want to thank you and your company for the (new) switch — you have gone up and beyond in customer service. You can be sure I’ll be letting everyone know how well you take care of your customers. Every time cruisers gather, we talk about battery power, and our satisfaction with Alpenglow Lights. We take these unbelievers onboard and as they watch our amp meter, we turn on all 3 beauties which barely draw an amp, but are bright enough to read by. You folks are nice to work with and I appreciate your excellent customer service. Alpenglow has a great reputation and everyone who sees our lights loves them, and considers getting some for themselves. I have to tell you… You guys literally have a fan club out in the cruising world! The Kelly Peterson owners forum is a place where people exchange technical expertise and help solve each other’s challenges. When I asked advice for LED changeover the forum lit up with Alpenglow rave reviews (pun not intended). All who come aboard are so impressed, we’ve been inundated by requests for brochures about your lights. Wow thank you so much for the amazing customer service!! You know how cruisers always check out each other’s boats? I have always commented on my galley fixture and can’t wait to show off my new cabin lights too! They are one of my best upgrades I’ve made to my boat!! …Over the last 40 years boatbuilding/repair… I have had 5 of your overhead CFLs in my Delphys for 15 years, and installed many more for clients. Having ordered and installed thousands of marine items over the years, I must say that these are my favorite. Hand crafted works of art! Good work… …we were able to install a couple [Alpenglow Lights] before leaving... We now have the 10 x 6 light hooked up in the main salon and we can see!!!!!!!! Should have done this sooner! We are thrilled with the lights in every way. Thank you for your great products & service…

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