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Dual Power Overhead Light Upgrade Kit

This Upgrade Kit - is a DIY Kit where you do the soldering yourself for $65

We actually prefer that you send your light in to us to do the upgrade for only $10 more @ $75. This is for Dual Power white LED's only.

Please note that if you have the older 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4" frames which were called 7 Watt CFL Lights - you need to send that in for any upgrade. We have found that we need to custom cut the aluminum back plates to fit each frame individually.

Please see informaion below regarding LED upgrades.

Alpenglow Marine Lights

LED Upgrade Information

Our ballast manufacturer stopped making ballasts and we have been unable to find a suitable replacement. We bought the rest of their stock for existing CFL customers. We no longer make CFL Overhead Lights. At some point our Alpenglow customers with CFL lights will have to convert to LED. Here is some information regarding an LED upgrade.

Converting to LED

What we do is install a whole new aluminum back plate assembly with the LED components built right on to it into your existing frame and lens. We install new switches and wires, clean and oil your frame plus clean your lens. 

This means you never have to change a bulb or ballast again. We do not use LED bulbs. We attach the LEDs right to the aluminum backplate assembly using it as the heat sink. We use high powered LEDs running them at about half of their maximum rating. By driving them at much lower levels, they run cooler, are more energy efficient and last much longer.

The LEDs have a very long life as the average life span of a white LED is 50,000 hours (25-30 years if used 5 hours a day every day. Even longer if low power is used regularly.). We use a warm colored LED rated at 2700 Kelvin. The red LEDs have a life span of 100,000 hours.

As far as power consumption is concerned for the overheads, on high the white light will use .5 amp while the low uses .25 amp. Not only do the LEDs save you about 25% on power usage they are also approximately 30% brighter than the CFL lights. The reading lights use .33 amp. We do not use LED drivers, so you will not experience RFI (radio frequency interference).

We recommend that the customer send the light to us to do the upgrade, but have sent the upgrade kits to the customer to install if the boat is out of the country or if the customer is confident they can do their own soldering. We do not send an upgrade kit out for conversion when the customer is going to use the existing NV strip off of the old CFL back. There is too much room for customer error in removing the NV strip from the old back and reinstalling it on the new back.

Here are the costs to upgrade:

  • CFL Overhead Light with Dual Power Upgrade to LED Dual Power - $75 ($65 if we send it to you to do it yourself)
  • CFL Overhead Light with Dual Power & CFL Night Vision upgrade to all LED with Dual Power white & red Night Vision - $95 ($85 if we send it to you to do it yourself)
  • If you have a CFL Overhead Light with Dual Power and LED Night Vision and want to upgrade to all LED using the existing NV strip from your old back - you must send it in to us (saves you $15) - $80

All prices quoted are for 12 Volt systems - please add $5 for 24 Volt

If you decide to send your lights in - just put a short note of what you want done, your return shipping address and your phone number. We will call you for credit card information when we are ready to ship the lights back.

If sending via USPS - please use our mailing address: PO Box 415 Eureka, MT 59917

If sending via UPS or FedEx- please use our physical address: 242 Tripp Trail, Eureka, MT 59917