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LED Night Vision Upgrade Kit

$22.00 each
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This red LED Night Vision Upgrade Kit is only for earlier models of Alpenglow Overhead Lights that already have the Fluorescent Red Night Vision feature. This is a great improvement over fluorescent, with the same brightness for about 1/10 the power consumption. Plus, you'll never need to replace your red CFL bulb again!

Dual power provides for brighter light or lower output at a gentle glow. Since the kit includes a replacement for one of the switches, we'll need to know whether your light(s) are the splash-proof model with rubber-booted toggle switches, of if they are the standard model with black plastic rocker switches.

This kit includes step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourselfers. If you don't want to do the work yourself, specify the Upgrade Method as “Alpenglow Does It For You”. The charge for us to do it for you includes the kit and the labor for installing it. After placing your order and receiving a confirmation from us, send us your light via U.S. Mail to P.O. Box 415, Eureka, MT 59917-0415. Or if you prefer you can send it to us via UPS to 242 Tripp Trl, Eureka, MT 59917.