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Alpenglow in the News

'Motorhome' and 'Trailer Life' magazine articles

The November 2015 edition of MotorHome and the December 2015 edition of Trailer Life magazines both ran ‘Hands On’ articles on Alpenglow Marine Lights for RVs.

”A must see. Originally designed for marine use, Alpenglow’s overhead and reading LED fixtures can be installed in RVs with minimal modifications.” — Bob Livingston, Senior Vice President/Group Publisher of Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines.

pdfRead Trailer Life’s ‘Hands On: See the Light’ article on Alpenglow Lights...
pdfRead MotorHome’s ‘Hands On: Lighting Up’ article on Alpenglow Lights...

Practical Sailor 2014 Best Choice

Practical Sailor, June 2014, "LED Interior Lights Part 2" Practical Sailor's editors recognized Alpenglow's bulkhead LED Overhead Light as the Best Choice among the LED lights they evaluated for area illumination. They also recognized Alpenglow's Dimmable Reading Light as the Best Choice for reading lights.

Overhead Light: "The high-power setting sucked up 0.6 of an amp, but the illumination delivered was worth it."

Reading Light: "The single-point LED light delivered the brightest beam... It also provided the largest diameter illumination of all the reading lights."

If you’re a Practical Sailor subscriber, read the full review of our LED Overhead Light and Reading Light.
If you’re not, we have some highlights in our blog.

practsailBest Choice among galley lights by Practical Sailor

Practical Sailor, May 2010, "Galley Lighting: Can Fluorescents Hold a Candle to the Latest Developments in Overhead Lighting?" Practical Sailor's editors recognized Alpenglow's 9W Overhead Light as the Best Choice among the galley lights they evaluated in this review.

"Alpenglow's lights are a far cut above the average marine light... and PS readers have consistently praised their customer support."

"Nicely trimmed in wood, the Alpenglow had the most pleasant color temperature of the group."

Read full review of our 9-Watt Dual Power Overhead Light with LED Night Vision

Latitudes and Attitudes sailing magazine

Latitudes & Attitudes, November 2009, "From Low Tech to High Tech" by Nigel Calder

"At the present time you still can’t beat fluorescent lights for area lighting. For years I have used units from Bob Stoeckley of Alpenglow."

"Between overhead fluorescents and LED reading lights, on an energy-conscious cruising boat any form of incandescent light, halogens included, should be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with those propane lights we had so long ago. We’ll have a complete set of [Alpenglow] LED reading lights on our new boat." Read full review of our cabin lights (PDF)...


Practical Sailor, January 2009, "Practical Sailor LED Lightbulb Test"

"[Alpenglow] was the favorite overall."

"Alpenglow TR LED is a clear winner." Read full review of our cabin lights


Cruising World, January 2006, "Gear Review" by Evans Starzinger

"Alpenglow cabin lights won the most kudos from Seven Seas members." Read full review of our cabin lights (PDF)...


48° North, December 2008, letter to the editor by Keir Robinson, "Glowing Report for Lighting Company"

"We have had five Alpenglow compact fluorescent lights in Kacheena since 1987 or so and found them to be efficient, attractive and low draw. They have performed flawlessly with only very infrequent bulb changes for 20,000 miles of offshore and inshore cruising."


Yachting Monthly, December 2008, "Lightening the Load" by Nigel Calder

"For years I have used units from Bob Stoeckley of Alpenglow... [Alpenglow] produces good-looking, highly efficient, and truly reliable lights.


Professional BoatBuilder, February 2004, "Electric Lights" by Nigel Calder

"[Alpenglow's] units are rugged, long-lived, and have a low-light feature for energy conservation – unusual in hot cathode fluorescents."