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Our 12-volt and 24-volt CFL and LED Overhead Light fixtures are available in Mahogany, Teak, Oak and Cherry. They produce bright light with very low energy consumption, which makes them perfect for all RV and Marine interior applications such as:

  • Boat Cabin Lights and Lighting
  • Galley Lights and Lighting
  • Engine Room Lights
  • LED Marine Lamps
  • Yacht Interiors
  • Yachts and Accessories
  • Sailboat Lights
  • LED Yacht Lights
  • Marine Boat Lighting
  • 12V RV Lights

CFL Conversion to LED

We will be glad to convert your CFL Overhead Light to LED for you! The conversion from CFL to LED takes entirely different components from one another, new switches, and the wiring configuration is distinctly different as well. We install an entire new back plate with all new components, switches and wiring, so you'll be getting back a brand new light in your existing frame. We can convert both 12-Volt and 24-Volt versions in the 9-Watt size. The cost for the LED conversion (in addition to return shipping) is $59 plus $15 labor = $74. Should you want to add the LED Night Vision feature, it is an additional $19. If you can be without your light(s) for a short while and will mail it/them back to us, just let us know ahead of time by email or telephone. We'll get your converted and upgraded light(s) back to you in as quick a turn-around time as we can.