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Home-Vacation Notice


Alpenglow Marine Lights will be closed from February 14–March 2nd, 2014. If you are in a rush for your order, upgrade or repair please get it in as soon as possible so that we may turn it around prior to the 14th.

Orders and inquiries will still be taken during those 2 weeks and will be filled or answered in the order in which they were received. You may still send your lights in during this time, as we will take care of them upon our return.

We will hit the floor running on March 3rd to get you and your boat ready for another year of fun in the sun on the water… Thanks to all of our Loyal Customers for your support and business!

The Alpenglow Lights Team

Brighten Your Boat Cabin With The Best
12-Volt and 24-Volt CFL and LED Marine Lighting Available

LED reading lights and overhead lights by Alpenglow

Distinctive Features

  • Attractive solid wood, handcrafted fixture in your choice of wood selection.
  • Compound curvature of lens provides wide-angle lighting to illuminate entire cabin with fewer shadows.
  • Uses state-of-the-art LEDs and/or innovative compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs for superior color rendition and lower battery drain than other fluorescent and LED lights.
  • Pleasant warm light, identical to standard bulbs. No harsh “fluorescent” or "cold bluish" LED color.
  • Approximate five to ten thousand-hour bulb life; LEDs should last for as long as you own your light.
  • The most energy efficient 12-volt and 24-volt lighting available. More light for less power than other cabin lighting.
  • Actual light measurements show that Alpenglow lights are 30% to 400% more efficient than other light sources.
  • Greatly reduced battery charging time makes Alpenglow Lights less expensive in the long run.
  • State-of-the-art electronic ballast specially engineered for Alpenglow by the same company that provided the lighting for Sky Lab.
  • Built with superior components for maximum reliability.
  • Protected against reverse polarity and operation with burned out bulb.
  • Low heat output means a cooler cabin.
  • Constant light output over wide voltage range (10.5 - 14.5 volts).
  • Alpenglow Overhead Lights are available in 7-watt CFL and 9-watt sizes, 12-V and 24-V, CFL or LED models.
  • LED Reading & Berth Lights with the LEDs built right into the fixtures, making them an integral part of the light itself, which you cannot get by just putting an LED retrofit bulb into your existing fixtures.
  • **NEW!** Dimmable Reading Lights! Read about more advantages on our Reading and Berth Lights Information page.

Several useful options are available on all Overhead Lights.

Dual-power feature allows a choice of high or low. On low setting, power consumption is reduced to an incredibly low .3 to .4 amp. On low, Alpenglow Lights are as bright as most standard 8-watt fluorescent lights or 15-watt dome lights (see light pattern diagrams). On high setting, Alpenglow Lights are about twice as bright and are ideal for reading and tasks requiring maximum light.

Night-vision option uses high-output LEDs for bright red using less than 1/10 amp. Combined with dual power it provides high and low on LED red, as well as LED and fluorescent white. Bright enough to read by on high power. Because of minimal power consumption, you don't have to come back to a dark boat after enjoying an excursion onshore.

A Splash-proof model is available for head and engine room areas, which may include any of the other options.

Most of our lights can be made for 24-volt systems. Because these are specially made to order, lead times apply. The price is $5 more than the Discount Price for the Overhead Light models, and $10 more for the Reading Lights. Please specify when ordering, as this is important.

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