Many people are wondering, "When is the best time to go RV camping? Some say it's summer, others say it's spring, but most RV enthusiasts love camping during the fall. Here are some of the reasons why fall RVing is so great and a must.
No Bugs
In the fall months after mating, male mosquitoes typically die while female mosquitoes hibernate. This means that if you camp during the fall, there is no need for you to crush mosquitoes, light citronella candles or spread insect repellant all over your body. You can easily eat dinner outside without having to worry about the irritating flies and pesky mosquitoes. Just be sure to pitch your tent away from standing water and remove any objects that can collect rainwater. 
The Beautiful Scenery
As the leaves begin to change colors, you will be treated to a picturesque, breathtaking view. RVing encourages you to get outside, take a look around, and enjoy the beauty nature offers during this season. While long walks and drives seem tedious at other times of the year, things are different during the fall. Gorgeous shades of reds, oranges, and yellows brighten up the hills and woods, which make driving a breeze. Outdoor activities such as fishing and boating become a bit more special with the lovely, scenic fall background.
This also allows you to have a rejuvenating experience at the campsite. The serene environment can help you relieve stress and take in negative ions, which help you feel fresher and healthier.
The Cozy Weather
The spring is often cold and rainy. Summer can be uncomfortable because of too much heat and humidity. But fall offers the crisp, warm air of an ideal autumn day. Put on those sweaters and bonnets, and bring everybody out around the campfire. 
Autumn nights are also great for stargazing. Some constellations only appear at certain times of the year, and fall is a perfect time for even first-time stargazers to observe some of the most common constellations. During fall sunsets, even kids can look up to see the Big Dipper and Orion. 
Bedtimes are also great during the fall, and keeping warm is important when temperatures start to dip to fridge levels. This is the best time to make use of those sleeping bags and blankets, and of course, this is a time to enjoy those classic pillow fights!
Delicious Foods
The cool weather invites you to bring out your favorite comfort foods. From soups to pies and hot chocolate drinks, you'll never run out of ideas what to enjoy while RVing this season. Particularly soup, comfort foods are generally frugal to make. Beans, grains, meats, and vegetables are usually the main ingredients of a delicious, hot soup. Not only are soups economical and delicious, but they also give you a warm, cozy feeling, which is exactly what you need during a cold autumn night.
More Privacy
While camping grounds and parking spaces can be overly crowded during the summer, there are generally fewer people camping and RVing during the fall. This gives you a quieter environment, less annoying camp neighbors, and more importantly, you'll get to choose your camping spot.
Helpful Tips
If you plan on enjoying scenic trails, remember to bring a well-stocked emergency kit, since anything can happen while you spend time in the great outdoors. Pack your kit with items such as ropes, waterproof matches, knife, compass, tweezers, and Band-Aids.
Choose sleeping bags labeled 0-30 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow you to remain protected against temperatures lower than you expect. Also, bring self-inflating mattress or foam pad to help provide cushioning and insulation from the chilly ground.
Since nights are longer and temperatures, begin to drop in the fall, bring proper attire like insulated sweaters, wool socks, thermal underwear, coats, hats, and extra shoes. In addition, use hand and foot warmers, which are small chemical heating pads that slip into boot, gloves, or jacket pockets. These will help you stay warm in the midst of a chilly autumn night.
Before you leave, be sure to put together a list of everything you need for the drive. Remember that if the weather worsens, you'll be spending more time indoors so be sure to have items to keep you occupied such as reading materials, games, and videos.