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3 Reasons to Boat in 2019

You are probably one of the many who are looking for reasons why they should try boating this coming year. Well, you've come to the right place. This article will give you 3 great ideas on why you should consider boating in 2019.
Health Benefits
While boating is primarily known as a recreational activity, but it actually offers a lot of health benefits. First and foremost, boating gives you an opportunity to breathe in fresh air and get Vitamin D.
Fresh air is good for your digestive system as it increases the flow of oxygen that helps you digest food more effectively. This is especially helpful if you're someone who is trying to lose some weight. 
Fresh air also helps clean your lungs, which dilate more from having more oxygen, so fresh air improves the cleansing of your lungs. As a result, you release airborne toxins from your body when exhaling through your lungs. 
By inhaling fresh air, your body produces serotonin, also known as the "happy hormone," which practically makes you happier. This also leads to an increase of white blood cells that function properly by fighting and killing germs and bacteria.
Also known as the "sunshine vitamin," Vitamin D is essential to the absorption of calcium and promotion of bone growth. Your body produces Vitamin D naturally when it is exposed to sunlight. This vitamin helps you fight disease, particularly by reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and flu.
This may not come as a surprise, but after spending some time outside, you come back indoors feeling better and perhaps much more ready to be productive again. That's because by boating, particularly inhaling fresh air, helps you get more energy and keep a sharper mind. More oxygen helps your brain function better, improve your concentration skills, and provide you with more energy.
Studies show that those who boat handle stress and difficult situations in a healthier manner compared to those who do not boat. Having the ability to unwind and think, which are activities you can enjoy while boating, help you to respond to irksome and stressful situations in a calm and mature manner.
Bonding with Family and Friends
Did you know that chronic health issues such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems, and clinical depression have been linked to our inability to relax and unwind?
We're living in a day and age that is very much electronically driven — smartphones, laptops, tablets, social media, etc. Boating is an effective way to disconnect from your digital world for a moment. This is also a perfect time to get your family together. You have the opportunity to rekindle old friendships, sort out family issues, and even make new friends.
Studies have shown that those who boat are more positive-minded and have a better view of life. Boating allows you to create happy, exciting moments, which you can cherish for the rest of your life.
Expand Your Network
Having a well-established network is an important part of our lives. In fact, we are all expanding our networks on a daily basis — social media, acquaintances, etc., are just a few ways to create new relationships. 
Boating gives you the opportunity to join a community of fellow boating aficionados with whom you share the water. Surrounding yourself with people who are involved in the same interest can provide you with a new environment of exploration and relationship building.
Fellow boaters can help you in more ways you can imagine. By being part of a boating community, you get inspiration and motivation. Instead of having to learn from your own mistakes, you can reach out to the community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation. Regardless of your boating skills level, you can probably learn a thing or two from fellow enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe another boater can make suggestions on the best marina for you. A marina is the best place to find many likeminded boaters who share meals, get together to watch the game and enjoy other activities. Since there are usually nearby restaurants and other famous spots by your local marina, you'll always find ways to socialize and expand your network.