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Alpenglow Wins Two Practical Sailor ‘Best Choice’ Awards

Alpenglow wins two Practical Sailor Best Choice awards

Practical Sailor has been providing unbiased evaluations of boats, sailing products, and related services for over 30 years. They are supported only by subscriptions and accept no advertising. In the June 2014 issue of Practical Sailor, Ralph Naranjo detailed his extensive testing of LED interior lights for marine use.

In this process, Practical Sailor tested 26 LED lights from nine different manufacturers including Alpenglow. Since lumen ratings only indicate the light coming from the source, they devised another method to measure the actual light intensity and uniformity on the illuminated surface. They also subjectively rated each light on their ability to read text by it, how it affected FM radio signals, and the quality of the light’s housing construction.

Two Alpenglow lights excelled in all these areas and were given ‘PS Best Choice’ award recognition which is such a thrill for us!

  • Alpenglow 10”x6” Overhead Light
  • Alpenglow bulkhead Reading Light

Alpenglow 10”x6” Overhead Light

Practical Sailor Best Choice for Area Illumination

Our classic wood frame fluorescent overhead light has won Best Choice in the past. Since then, constantly pushing our design forward, we upgraded that light using the best LEDs available. The review touts our lights as both efficient and offering great illumination. The reviewer also commented that:

We were able to put the antenna of our RFI-sensing VHF radio right on this light without even raising a whisper. The bright, wide-angle illumination is a byproduct of a unique custom-molded diffusion lens, and it’s an example of electronic success. The high-power setting sucked up 0.6 of an amp, but the illumination delivered was worth it. Testers liked the reliable simplicity of the high-quality rocker switches and the warm glow of chosen LEDs.

Alpenglow Bulkhead Reading Light

Practical Sailor Best Choice for Reading Lights

According to Practical Sailor, reading lights are “designed to deliver a relatively narrow beam of illumination”. Alpenglow delivered the brightest light while still being energy-efficient. While hues ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 Kelvin are suitable for reading, PS testers preferred the warmer white that Alpenglow uses in all its LED lights. They also said our housing was engineered well. Here is part of their review:

The single-point LED light delivered the brightest beam of the reading lights. It also provided the largest diameter illumination of all the reading lights. The built-in digital dimmer efficiently controlled intensity, and the beam was very even and consistent. There was very little RFI feedback, and the two-wire connection was simple.

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