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Alpenglow Lights on Shameless

Alpenglow Overhead Lights on S/V Shameless

We want to give a huge shout out to the Tyson's of S/V Shameless! They have been great customers. We love to hear feedback. They were kind enough to send us a couple photos of their beautiful boat to show how awesomely "lit up" it is with Alpenglow Lights. Here's a quote.

PS. Richard was impressed with how "lit" (light) our boat is. Granted we do have 6 of your LED cabin-top lights just in the salon (plus 2 more on the way). We are thoroughly sold on your lights — both in looks and energy efficiency. I recommend them to other boat owners any time lighting comes up in conversation. Every once in a while , a person buys something that is just perfect. Well, these lights are just perfect. Thanks! I can't believe how well they match our boat. They look like they were part of the original design. Color and style are perfect. Simply perfect.
— The Tysons, Owners of S/V Shameless on 11/22/2014

Alpenglow encourages customers to send photos to show off their boats with Alpenglow Lights in them. Just make sure they are high resolution photos. Send us a quote with photos and we'll do our best to get them posted in the News & Views. 

$144.00 each Tuscany NV