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MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines ‘See the Light’!

Motorhome and Trailer Life magazine articles

Bob Livingston, Senior Vice President/Group Publisher of MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines, did two nice ‘Hands On’ articles on Alpenglow Lights for recreational vehicles. Here are some quotes from the articles:

"A must see. Originally designed for marine use, Alpenglow's overhead and reading LED fixtures can be installed in RVs with minimal modifications."

“We mounted the larger [Tuscany] light under the overhead cabinets in the galley because this area was inherently dark due to poor lighting fixtures from the factory. The transformation here was dramatic with plenty of diffused lighting covering the entire galley counter.”

“The Catalina was installed above a work desk, tucked into a cubbyhole in the bedroom. Again the area was dark and the 400-lumen output of the new fixture made a big difference.”

“Alpenglow also offers a Caribbean Reading Light that definitely has marine styling and function. We installed that one above the bed where the 3 7/8-inch-diameter articulating shade (up and down and side to side) showers the area with enough light for two people to read.”

If you’d like to read the entire articles, here are online copies:

pdfRead Trailer Life’s ‘Hands On: See the Light’ article on Alpenglow Lights...
pdfRead MotorHome’s ‘Hands On: Lighting Up’ article on Alpenglow Lights...