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Why You Need To Winterize Your Boat

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in an area where you can boat year-round.  If you live in a cold area and need to store your boat, then you can need to consider winterizing your boat. This article is not how to winterize your boat, but rather reason you should and items you need to include on your checklist.
Before you store your boat for the winter, consider making upgrades to your boat.  Our overhead marine lights are a nice upgrade.  We hand select the wood for each light.  Our lights give you great light, and they are energy efficient.  Making the upgrades now will make getting your boat into the water sooner in the spring.
So, let's talk about why you should winterize your engine.  The most significant thing to remember is that unstable gas in the engine can cause serious damage to your engine.  That is why it is important to stabilize your fuel when your boat is not in use.  Every boat engine is different, so you need to look at your manufactures recommendation on how to winterize your boat.  You can also ask your marina for suggestions on how to properly get your boat ready for cold weather.
Speaking of cold weather, it is vital that you store your boat's battery correctly.  While a fully charged lead-acid battery will not freeze, it can discharge, and then be subject to damage in the cold weather. It is recommended that you fully charge your battery and store it where it will not be affected by severe weather.   A battery that is not entirely charged and is subjected to cold weather can result in distorted plates.  The case can even crack in some cases. 
A cooling system flush is also recommended.  Sand, mud and salt deposits can hold moisture.  This moisture can cause problems when you use your boat in the spring, and a flushing can help eliminate those potential problems.  Once again let us state you need to check with your boats manufacture to find out what they recommend for storing your boat for the winter, every boat is designed differently, and will all have unique storage requirements.
Clean your boat thoroughly before you store it for the season.  Cleaning your boat now offers two benefits.  First, when spring arrives, you will be able to get your boat in the water quicker because you did a deep clean in the fall.  Secondly, dirt and crime that sits around are hard to clean, so take care of now, and you will save time in the spring.
One last item is the cover.  The kind of cover you choose depends on where you are storing your boat.  Some people may just need a good over, while others may need to shrink wrap the boat.  Check with the facility where you are storing your boat for their suggestions on the best solution for your boat.
Many people think that because they live in areas that typically don't get below freezing that they don't need to worry about winterizing their boats.  Weather and seasons can be unpredictable, and you never know when you might experience an extreme cold snap that can last for days and even weeks.  It is better to prepare your boat now rather than risk severe and expensive damage to your boat.
Getting your boat ready for winter is most likely not your favorite thing to do, and often we put off doing things we don't enjoy, but this is something you should delay in doing.  If you take the time now, you will be able to start enjoying your boat right away in the spring.