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RV Safety Checklist

Being out on the open road in your RV is terrific.  You get to explore and meet new people and do so many fun things you may have never tried before.  But you need to balance all that fun with some basic safety. Here are our top safety tips.
Your pre-drive checklist is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself safe.
 Start by making sure that all doors and bays are closed and latched.  Do this after you have everyone in the RV and ready to go.  You may have checked prior to everyone getting seated, and someone may have opened and putting something in the bay. This why it is crucial for a final check.  
If you are towing, then take a final look at your tow bar and safety cables. You are looking to make sure the tow bar doesn't have any damage and that all the pins and clips are secured.  Make sure all the electrical cables are working.  So many accidents occur because a towed vehicles brake lights, running lights or turn signals do not work correctly.
Double check to make sure that you have disconnected the sewer lines, the TV, any phone lines that you may have connected, water lines and power lines.
Make sure that you have rolled up the awning and that it is secure for travel.  Look to make sure all the steps have been retracted and secure as well as any retractable jack you may have.
Take a quick look under your RV to see if any signs of fluids are maybe leaking.   If you do see something leaking, address it immediately.  You don't want to get on the road with something leaking that could cause severe problems on the road.
Speaking of fluids, check the levels on your oil, coolant and transmission levels.  Once again if they are low, fill them up before you take off.
Ensure that the stove, oven, and heater are unlit before you start driving.  It is also an excellent time to check to see if any of your propane tanks leak, which leads to making sure your propane and smoke detector are working.
Next, you need to inspect your tires.  You are looking to make sure that the tires have the proper inflation and that the tread is okay.  It is imperative that your tires are inflated correctly.  Too much or not enough inflation can cause a tire to blowout, so this part of the checklist is vital.
Before you hit the road make sure that you have checked weather conditions both of where you are and where you are driving too.  It also a good idea to download a gas app.  These apps not only tell you where the gas stations are located but also the cost of the gas.  I am sure you all have great memories, but when you are driving, it might be easy to forget the height of your RV.  Right the height down on a post-it note and keep it where you can see it.  
Okay, you have made it through your pre-drive checklist, got out there and have some fun in that RV.