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Gift Ideas for Boat Owners

You may be someone who is thinking about what to give your boat-loving loved one this holiday. You have come to the right place. Here's a list of some of the best gift ideas boaters would surely cherish.
Personal Locator Beacon
In case of an emergency, a personal locator beacon uses a transmitter to alert rescuers that there has been a life-threatening man overboard situation needing to be rescued. Since their availability in 2003, these devices are estimated to have saved more than 43,000 lives. Seriously, this is one item that every boater should always have.
USB Power Bank
These days, a lot of devices can be powered with these nifty USB power banks. Even if network signal can be challenging at sea, you would still want to use your phone for other purposes such as camera, calendar, calculator, notes, etc. For this reason, having a device that enables you to recharge your smartphone is a great addition to your arsenal. USB power banks are great when you're sailing and don't want to use the boat's battery to charge your phone. It is recommended to get one with a higher capacity (mAh). 
Fish Finders
One of the main reasons why boaters sail is to catch fish. A fish finder is an echo sounder specifically designed to detect the presence of fish in the underwater surroundings of the host boat. It's also used to measure the overall depth of the water. This device transmits an electrical impulse, which is converted into a sound wave and is sent into the water. When the sound wave strikes something like a fish, it is reflected back and displays its size, composition, and shape — cool, huh? A fish finder is an essential device that enables your fish-loving friend to maximize their on-the-water experience.
United States Coast Guard-Approved Lifejackets
Lifejackets are a key to boating safety when in trouble on the water. Though there are individuals who neglect using lifejackets, it pays to be safe all the time. 
A lifejacket keeps you warm.  Whenever you set on the water, accidents can happen and the cold water may make you shiver and endanger your life. By having a life vest on, you are kept warm all throughout your adventure. Besides, no one knows when an accident may occur.
There are two main types of lifejackets: a buoyancy type, which has a built-in buoyancy; and a bladder, which is filled with air. Whichever type you may choose, be sure that it is approved by the Coast Guard.
Night Vision Camera
One of the most important aspects of boating is visibility, especially during the night. In some places, the regular appearance of animals, logs, fishing nets, and other things can make night boating a bit challenging. In recent years, new technologies enabled manufacturers to design night vision cameras for the masses. These cameras can now be attached directly into your navigation equipment and give you a forward-facing view of what's in the water ahead.
Boat Shoes
Boat shoes are designed for safety while sailing and boating. These shoes keep the deck clean and minimize spots. Look for shoes with a white sole to prevent scraping and marking up the boat. Keeping a boat clean is good for the safety and longevity of the boat — not to mention it also helps the environment. Boat shoes also have a special herringbone pattern and rubber material for slip resistance. When waves are crashing, and the boat is moving, it can be a bumpy ride. Good traction is important while maneuvering the boat around. These shoes help prevent slips, falls, and injuries.
If the one you're giving a gift to is a do-it-yourself-er, he sure would love the idea of having someone surprise him with essential boat tools. Depending on the size, type, and make of his boat, determine what tools he would need. Here are some of the basic tools a boater should possess:
hose clamps
adjustable wrench
electrical wire
alligator clips
spare light bulbs, fuses, and batteries
fuel line, joiners, and fuel bulbs
spare spark plugs
marine-grade nuts, bolts, screws, and washers
cable ties
cleaning gear
waterproof toolbox
And we couldn't forget to add new overhead lights to this list!