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Top Reasons to Boat this Holiday Season

There was a time when holiday boating was made available only to the elite. Today, more and more boating packages are becoming progressively popular among folks from all walks of life. Imagine yourself being on a boat, marveling at the beauty of nature, especially those white sandy beaches, transparent waters, and the potential to browse through coastal towns, bays, and islands. Here's more: picture yourself enjoying all of these things on your own time – at your own pace. Sounds like a dream vacation, right? Here are the top reasons why you should sail this holiday season.
Beaches…Lots of Them
Most of the time, people get the opportunity to enjoy only one beach during a vacation. But it's different when you travel on a boat. If you want to explore as many beaches as possible, boating gives you that capability. Sailing along the coast allows you to visit multiple coastal towns, meet new people, and the best part is that you can do it all as you please. Going to different places opens up many possibilities such as having a chance to try new things, an opportunity to try new foods, or to simply take snapshots of your experience.
Quality Time with Family
Whether you sail on a big or small boat, boating is a fun family activity that will create beautiful, lasting memories for everyone. We live in an age dominated by technology and the hustle and bustle of work and the kid's daily routines, which can get in the way of spending great family time together. Boating gives you the time to put down those gadgets for a moment, and just enjoy one another. When you're away on a boat, the whole family is off the distractions that disrupt life on a daily basis. Just be sure to enforce a "no smartphone or tablet" rule when everyone is out on the boat. A good idea to keep every family member engaged is to play real games that can be fun to all. In addition, packing a picnic or fishing for your meal are great ideas to bond with family members.
This is one of the most important things to enjoy while you're out on vacation. By sailing on a boat, you can do practically anything, any time. Should you choose to eat on board or sleep on deck, head to a secluded area for a picnic, or just gaze at the stars at night — anything is possible. Having said that, if you feel like meeting new people or trying out new cuisines and delicacies, you also have the option to experience local restaurants before going back to your own private place on the water.
Boating is not only about the fun and adventure. In fact, it is also great for the body. Being out on a boat gives you Vitamin D and fresh air, which promote healthy bones and improve mood. If you're someone who spends most of your day in the office or at home, you would appreciate taking time to breathe in that fresh air and reap the health benefits that come along with boating. Don't forget to apply a good amount of sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
Also, studies found that connecting with nature is a contributor to overall health. Being on a boat gives you a lot of physical activities to choose from — whether it's snorkeling, fishing, or surfing, you will never run out of options. 
Furthermore, boating is also good for your mind. Researches show that being on the water can make you happier and healthier, and simply being near the water brings psychological and social health benefits. According to a marine biologist, a sense of calm, peacefulness, unity, and happiness are all linked to water.
Boating conditions are generally more stable during the holiday season since temperatures aren't at the extremes they can be during the summer. Then, the hurricane season is over. That leaves you with much calmer winds under a more friendly sun. That's a great excuse to get the whole family outside for some great time doing something everyone can enjoy. Besides, holidays are meant to bring families closer and enjoy each other's company.