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We need your help! We are looking for someone to continue the Alpenglow legacy. We know you are out there somewhere. Please contact Christine at 406-889-3586 if interested.

Don't worry  - we are NOT going out of business any time soon. Just looking for the next generation of Alpenglow owners.


About Alpenglow Marine Lights

We take adventure as seriously as the craftsmanship of our marine and RV lights. We have been offering our lights to the marine community since 1988 and in the last couple years have also added the RV community to our list. Yes, we’re here for the long haul!

Our journey started many years ago with the founder of our company, Bob. Returning customers will say “I remember Bob!” Well Bob is retired now but still active in research and development for Alpenglow. If Bob isn’t tinkering in his shop, you will find him sailing or RVing.

Many of you may be wondering why on earth marine lights would be manufactured in Montana. No large bodies of water around us other than Lake Koocanusa and Flathead Lake, right? Right!

 The next question we always hear is “Do you even have electricity in Montana?”. Well, some of us don’t have electricity, but by choice.

Enter Bob living happily off grid for many years now and no, not in a tent! Driven by his dedication to efficiency, durability and quality to find a pleasant light similar to incandescent bulbs ending in an elegant result, Bob started building 12-volt lights for his alternative energy home because he couldn’t find a suitable product in the marketplace.

Bob has a sailboat that he takes to the Washington coast. He loves to sail and one day decided to install some of those homemade lights on his boat. 

When he would be out sailing fellow sailors would ask him where he got those lights and he would say “I built them”. After seeing how bright and efficient the lights were with those beautiful Teak frames, incredulously they would exclaim “Can you build me some?”. Well… word spread.

After so many requests he finally decided that maybe he should start selling them and the rest is history.

In 1988 Alpenglow Marine Lights was born. A small Mom & Pop business producing lights literally right out of the kitchen & various other rooms in the house. Just ask Marie, who had to deal with no kitchen table for dinners or else an oven that was being used to mold lenses instead of baking for many years! Bob and Marie ran Alpenglow Marine Lights from 1988 to 2008. What a great ride for them! 

Alpenglow Marine Lights Now

My name is Christine. I am the 3rd proud owner of Alpenglow Marine Lights. I purchased the business in September of 2013 from some dear friends who also were ready to retire, hence the time gap from ’08-’13. It is my commitment to continue the tradition of providing the same legendary customer service since 1988. Quality and Customer Service – it’s that simple, but oh so important! This is still a small Mom & Pop business located in Eureka, Montana. A lot of love goes in to the manufacturing of our products in our small shop. I want to give a well-deserved shout out to my husband, Larry, who does a lot of work for me and never gets paid.

Let’s not forget the workers - Lyle and Peggy! Without you, this business wouldn’t be what it is today. Your hard work and attention to detail will forever be appreciated!

History lesson complete! Alpenglow Marine Lights is where it's at.

Dream Big. Travel Far.

Why Alpenglow?

At Alpenglow, we stay at the forefront of new technology innovations to provide exceptional lighting. It’s not just the function of our lights, such as the impact-resistant non-yellowing acrylic curved prismatic lenses, or state-of-the-art warm white LED bulbs, but it’s the rugged beauty of our design. We hand select the wood for our range of overhead lights, whether it’s mahogany, teak, oak, or cherry. 

Read more details about our Overhead Lights (Splash proof and Night-Vision options also available.)


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