sailboatAbout Alpenglow Marine Lights

We take adventure as seriously as the craftsmanship of our marine and RV lights and have been offering our lights to the marine community since 1988. Yes, we’re here for the long haul!

Our journey started when we began building 12-volt lights to provide high quality lighting for our alternative energy homes. However, driven by our dedication to efficiency, durability, finding a pleasant light similar to incandescent bulbs, and an elegant result, we chose to build our own, using the latest and finest components available.

We worked hard testing and prototyping to develop these lights which are now a primary light source for many alternative energy homes. And of course, the journey continued as we started using them on our sailboat.

Well, word spread. And, the rest is history!

Why Alpenglow?

At Alpenglow, we stay at the forefront of new technology innovations to provide exceptional lighting. It’s not just the function of our lights, such as the impact-resistant non-yellowing acrylic curved prismatic lenses, or state-of-the-art warm white LED bulbs, but it’s the rugged beauty of our design. We hand select the wood for our range of overhead lights, whether it’s mahogany, teak, oak, or cherry. 

And, you’ll find our reading lights come with an excellent and efficient dimmable option. In terms of finish, both reading lights and berth lights come in your choice of metal finish.

Read more details about our Overhead Lights (Splash proof and Night-Vision options also available.)
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