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We’re very fortunate to have so many fans of our lights and who love the quality of what we do. It makes our hearts glow — and your lights glow even brighter!

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Is my old wiring adequate?

If the wiring worked for your earlier lights, it will work for Alpenglow lights just as long as it is a 12-volt DC circuit. In fact, they are even less demanding of the wiring than older lights, because they draw less power and are less affected by low voltage from voltage drop.

Always Dual Power

More Light, Less Power

Night Vision Overhead You Can Read By

Warm Light LEDs

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Got Wanderlust?

Welcome to Alpenglow, the home of marine and RV lights. We love to explore, too. It’s what makes life interesting — and fun!

Where you go, we go too. In the most luxurious of cabins, next to the warmth of an ocean berth, plotting the chart for your next day’s adventure, or reading a good book after a glorious day in the big outdoors.

The high-end quality of our overhead, berth, and reading lights is a direct result of our passion to provide the best. It’s the nature of who we are.

Dream big. Travel far.

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All Hands on Deck

It takes a team to provide you with leading edge technology and clean, elegant lighting solutions. We’re also dedicated to providing service that is exceptional. Did we mention that we love what we do?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive FAQs should help with most anything that might arise. However, you can always call us during office hours and we’ll be happy to assist.

Overhead Lights

Here’s where you can read our guide with a lot more details about our lights.

Selection Guide

New to Alpenglow Lights? We’ll get you up to speed in no time.

Chris at the helm of our blog!

News & Views

Updates on marine and RV lighting on our blog.

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Customer gives Alpenglow a thumbs up.

What They Said

Read what our customers have to say — it’ll help you determine what’s right for you.

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Alpenglow Lights in the News

In the News

Over the years we’ve appeared in a variety of publications.

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Practical Sailor Gives Alpenglow Two Best Choice Awards

Practical Sailor

We’re stoked to have won two more Best Choice awards!

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